Meet VOA’s Haydé Adams FitzPatrick – A Versatile News Anchor And Video producer

Haydé Adams FitzPatrick

If you are a passionate devotee of TV watching, especially on the Voice Of America network, you’ll descry a quiet but confident news host with a delectable presentation.

Haydé Adams FitzPatrick is a co-host on Voice of America’s news show, “Our Voices”, a roundtable syndicated program with a Pan-African cast of women columnists. Originally from South Africa, Haydé joined VOA as a reporter, producer and a host in 2016, bringing over 20 years of broadcast experience with South African and European media.

Her four years work at VOA has been remarkable, as the media character has picked up such a great amount of experience as an African journalist for global news channel.

During her stay at her former workplace France 24, Haydé Adams FitzPatrick covered news that included Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Angola, Jacob Zuma’s ascent to power, Xenophobia and race relations in South Africa, just as Hillary Clinton’s first visit to Africa as U.S. Secretary of State.

During her reporting days at France 24’s as a foreign correspondent, she covered the 2010 mid-term elections and California’s gubernatorial race, the 2012 Republican primaries, Michael Jackson’s death trial, Whitney Houston’s demise; and the 84th Academy Awards.

FitzPatrick work in international development, earned her the International Association of Business Communicators Award of Excellence for her video, “Pictures tell a Thousand Words”, which she exclusively produced and edited.

Haydé Adams FitzPatrick is a co-host on Voice of America’s news show, “Our Voices”

Haydé is an adaptable video producer, anchor and producer. She believes in the power of storytelling to cultivate inclusivity, a human connection, and social equity. She holds a four year college education with twofold majors in Communication and Political Science from the University of South Africa.

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