Mercedez-Benz And Maybach’s New Sunglasses With A 22-carat Gold Plating..

As a matter of fact, Mercedes-Benz’s design theory is that, it embodies erotic effortlessness and present day luxury. The automakers has collaborated with MAYBACH Icons of Luxury.

The coordinated effort of Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz, and his team with this Luxury outfit have produced exclusive sunglasses – which are hand made to the best expectations, comprising of chosen maintainable materials, and accessible in ten colour mixes.

The eyewear accessory is a beautiful partner over the course of the day – whether the setting is easygoing, stylish, or business-related.

THE CREATOR sunglasses by Mercedes-Benz and MAYBACH Icons of Luxury in dark with gold metal subtleties on black background.

The luxury is to such an extent that, between the unrefined materials and the finished embellishment, there are in excess of 200 production steps. This is where the creative force of Mercedes-Benz and the craftsmanship of MAYBACH Icons of Luxury, developed over very nearly 30 years, combine.

The beautiful cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Maybach sunglasses is to maintain custom and shape the soul of the times. Those who appreciate exceptional quality, distinctive materials, and premium design will fall in love with THE CREATOR. A signature piece that doesn’t blend in, but leads the way.

THE CREATOR sunglasses by Mercedes-Benz and MAYBACH Icons of Luxury made of blue natural horn with white marbling, silver details and grey lenses against a white background.

The design is an Ultralight titanium and sustainably sourced natural horn combined to create a stylish look.

With THE CREATOR, Gorden Wagener’s design team has come up with a bold fashion accessory whose design language and choice of materials make it a “must-have” item. It’s a head turner that you’ll love to wear on any occasion.

The edges’ adjusted corners and streaming design are common for THE CREATOR’s elite models.

Unique accentuation is put on the sunglasses’ regular horn. It comes from the IVKO normal horn manufactory, established in 1978, which also integrates numerous long periods of eyewear experience into this model. The sunglasses’ horn comes from the Asian water bison, common in farming communities all through the world.

The premium lenses ensure exceptional visibility. You can choose between mirrored lenses or lenses featuring a subtle colour gradient, all in different colours – depending on the model.

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THE CREATOR is available in various colour combinations: including three models with a 22-carat gold plating and two models each with rose gold or platinum plating.

The colour combinations allow you to incorporate your individual style into the designer eyewear. Make an unexpectedly colourful statement or go for classic simplicity.

The tale is that, thr Mercedes-Maybach brand, appeal to people who desire the ultimate in luxury. THE CREATOR eyewear, developed in close collaboration with MAYBACH Icons of Luxury, combines exclusive craftsmanship and carefully selected, sustainable materials.

The design brings together the highest technical precision with a luxurious lightness. THE CREATOR embodies the longing for beauty and the extraordinary beyond the automobile and epitomizes the brand’s commitment to innovation.

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