Merdeka 118 Is The Second Tallest Building In The World


Set to become the world’s second tallest building upon its completion one year from now, Merdeka 118 now stands higher than China’s 2,073-foot Shanghai Tower and is predominated only by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The excellence, and the fascination of the tower has enlivened Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to describe the project as an “iconic tower for the future.”

As per the PM, this isn’t just an incredible accomplishment in the field of designing, but it additionally further reinforces Malaysia’s position as a modern and developed country.

Comprising 3.1 million square feet of floor space, the greater part of which will be introduced as offices. The tower will also house a shopping center, a mosque, a Park Hyatt lodging and Southeast Asia’s most noteworthy perception deck. The more extensive four-section of land site will also contain public spaces and a recreation center at ground level.

Situated in Kuala Lumpur, the high rise oversees Malaysia’s Meredeka Stadium, where former leader Tunku Abdul Rahman pronounced Malaysian freedom in 1957. Ismail Sabri, who was named top state leader in August, has expressed that the sculptural plan “mirrors the picture” of Rahman broadly lifting his hand to yell “merdeka!” over sixty years ago.

Fender Katsalidis, the Australian architecture who is behind the project, said the three-sided glass planes on the structure’s exterior were motivated by designs found in Malaysian arts and crafts. The design too “emblematically represents the rich social blend that characterizes the people of the country.

In a statement, one of the organization’s establishing partners, Karl Fender, added that the structure was intended to enrich “the social energy and fabric of the city.”

The project was Announced in 2010, but kicked things off five years prior. Be that as it may, a few concerns were raised by some local legacy campaigners about the effect it could have on the notable area.

However, the structure was expected to open this year (2021), but work was briefly stopped in March 2020 when the Malaysian government introduced severe lockdown measures to battle the spread of Covid-19.

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Kuala Lumpur’s skyline has been transformed by skyscrapers in recent decades, and the Malaysian capital is now the 13th tallest city in the world, according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The 1,483-foot Petronas Towers stood as the world’s tallest buildings between 1998 and 2004, when they were surpassed by Taiwan’s Taipei 101.

In 2019, the 106-story Exchange 106 became Kuala Lumpur’s — and Southeast Asia’s — then-tallest skyscraper, despite being embroiled in the 1MDB financial controversy that landed the country’s former prime minister, Najib Razak, with criminal charges including money laundering and abuse of power.

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