Michael Jackson’s ‘Encounter’ With Snoop Dogg And His Strange Reaction

Snoop Dogg once unintentionally blew smoke in Michael Jackson’s face at a Vegas party, which made MJ angry at him and warned him to stop it. This was a funny experience with Michael Jackson back in the days.

This occurred at a major party in Las Vegas in May 2008, celebrating fashion designer Christian Audigier’s birthday. Both Snoop and Michael Jackson were there, performing for the crowd.

After their performance, Snoop Dogg returned to his changing room feeling much better. Energized and perhaps not thinking excessively, he chose to illuminate a joint (a sort of rolled-up weed) to unwind. Incidentally, his room was right close to Michael Jackson’s.

Snoop got a shock when he realized he was sharing a wall with the King of Pop MJ commonly known as Wacko Jacko. In shock, he immediately opened the door and blew a lot of smoke into the corridor. Interestingly, Michael Jackson was standing not too far off, taking a look at Snoop disapprovingly. MJ calmly told him, “Snoop stop, don’t do that.”

Despite the fact that the rapper coincidentally smoked up Michael Jackson’s space, it didn’t spoil their relationship. They later collaborated on a song for a foundation project. Sadly, Snoop doesn’t have the foggiest idea where the recording of their joint effort is now. The song was never released.

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In a January 2023 interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Snoop casually revealed their collaboration, recounting a phone call from Michael where he was asked to sing a healing peace song.

Snoop imitated Michael’s soft-spoken voice, sharing the surreal conversation where Snoop said he was like:

‘Well, first of all, my mom says that you look like someone in my family. We could be related.'”

The track was part of a project, but its fate remains unknown.

According to Snoop, the unreleased song is beautiful and was a healing peace song. Despite never being released, the collaboration stands as a unique and unseen chapter in the musical histories of both artists.

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