Michael Jordan’s Jersey Sold At A New Record

Michael Jordan in his Jersey (inset)

B-Ball legend Michael Jordan’s Jersey from his 1982-1983 season with the North Carolina Tar Heels has been sold for $1.38 million.


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The Jersey which was from his sophomore season at the University of North Carolina was sold out for a record $1.38 million on the eighth of May at Heritage Auctions.

It is the lone known shirt photograph coordinated to Jordan’s 1982-1983 season with the North Carolina Tar Heels when he was named Sporting News’ NCAA Player of the Year.

This sale broke the past record for a Jordan jersey and game-worn Chicago Bulls uniform. Jordan’s 1986-1987 season was sold for $480,000 in October, also at the same place, Heritage Auctions.

The six-time NBA champion was a celebrated b-ball hotshot, who played for Chicago Bulls during the 1990s.

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