Mike Greene Hit By Sexual Harassment Allegations. The Full Story

Mike Greene

An allegation of sexual harassment has been filed against the former president and CEO of the Grammy, Mike Greene, and the Arts executive of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. Artist Tribe and myMuse both had him as their president and CEO too.

A former female worker of the same outfit where Greene worked has filed a lawsuit against him. She accuses Mr. Greene of sexual assault and harassment.

The woman by name Terri McIntyre, who is the former executive director of the Los Angeles chapter from 1994 to 1996, has filed a 55-page lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging sexual harassment, negligence, and harassment.

On Wednesday, December 6, the lawsuit was filed. It also claims that Defendant Greene and/or Defendant Academy have engaged in a cover-up and/or an attempted cover-up, naming the Recording Academy.

Greene studied ceramics at the University of Georgia, obtained a BBA in business from West Georgia College, a special doctorate in music from the University of Southern California, and honorary doctorates from Temple University and the Berklee School of Music.

Born into a family of Big Band leaders, Greene started out as a singer-songwriter, producer, and recording artist for Warner Brothers, Mercury Records, and GRC Recordings.

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Greene created Total Entertainment & Media Productions, Inc. and The Cable Marketing Group Ltd. These were two of the first cable production, consulting, and ad placement firms in the US. One of the first cable video music networks in the world was established by Greene in 1981 with The Video Music Channel.

With more than 4 million subscribers, VMC was a national leader in the production of live events and multi-genre video music programming. Following the addition of traditional VHF and UHF television stations to its network, VMC named Greene vice president and general manager of WVEU (UHF), the network’s flagship station located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Greene was Senior Vice President of Universal Video Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana, during this time. The company produced sixteen hours of original programming every day for Prudential, the first Direct Broadcast Satellite Service.

Greene won a Georgy Award for his musical contributions and was admitted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Greene was awarded an Honorary Doctorate and a Special Doctorate in Music by the University of Southern California.

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