Mike Tyson And Roy Jones Jr Exhibition Match Was A Draw: Reactions And latest Updates

The match between ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr was charged to be exciting, and genuinely it happened so at Los Angeles.

On Saturday 28th November, 2020, the much discussed exhibition boxing bout tumbled off. Strangely, before the match began, American legendary artist Snoop Dogg unimaginably performed while smoking weed on stage.

During the match, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr weaved and punched their way to a draw in the fight.

The veteran pair performed splendidly in spite of having a joined age of 105, preceding the two of them promised to venture into the ring again after adjudicators tied the battle.

After the eight official rounds for this special exhibition showdown, the two made due with a draw. After the match, some boxing intellectuals especially former fighters like Frank Bruno think Mike Tyson won the evening’s battle against Roy Jones Jr notwithstanding the bout being called as a draw.

55 year old former World Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis has also hinted he could be close to return to the ring in the wake of watching the Tyson – Roy Jones fight. He thinks Mike Tyson knows how to engage people, particularly in these circumstances.

Now, listen to what Mike Tyson said after being asked about some information about the weed thing before the match, and his opinion about it.

“I also smoked before the fight. It’s just who I am, it has no effect on me from a negative standpoint. It’s just what I do, what I am, and how I’m gonna die. There’s no explanation, there’s no beginning, there’s no end.”

Several people including UFC president Dana White uncovered they were dazzled by the exhibitions of both Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., with Tyson overwhelming numerous watchers with his performance.

Others additionally think 51 year old Roy Jones was significantly more dynamic than Tyson. Some also surmise Roy really got more worn out than Tyson which was shocking.

As per reports, the two contenders got a total of $13 million cash prize, with Mike Tyson taking home $10 million, whilst Jones also took $1 million.

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