Mike Tyson Suddenly Becomes A Vegan, Ahead Of The ‘Big’ Bout Against Roy Jones

Iron Mike Tyson

On Saturday November 28, the notable ‘showdown’ will fall off between former boxing Heavy Weight Champion Mike Tyson and legend Roy Jones Jr.

The exhibition fight between the two American fighters has been discussed for a while by boxing intellectuals, former fighters and numerous others.

Some infer the two shouldn’t have thought about fighting, whilst others think their ages are not favourable for this ‘enormous’ bout.

In fact, boxing legends George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Louis and so on, have all spoken about this forthcoming battle, despite the fact that it’s far from a competitive bout.

Preceding this match, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has had the option to drop an enormous 100 pounds for his boxing rebound by going vegetarian.

Indeed, some spoke about his weight, thus he saw the need to thin down a bit before the match. It was very difficult yet Tyson, who is 54 has had the option to refute pundits that he can decrease his weight.

He presently looks fit as a fiddle ahead of his first boxing bout in 15 years. He’s discarded meat from his eating regimen for his return and furthermore went through as long as TWO hours on the treadmill after an advice from his wife.

According to Mike Tyson, he’ll be protecting himself consistently but will prevent a knockout.

Tyson hasn’t fought since 2005 when he endured a devastating defeat to Kevin McBride. With respect to Jones Jr, the 51-year-old last foughr in 2018 when he outpointed Scott Sigmon.

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