Mike Tyson Comes Face To Face With Roy Jones

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson

The 54-year-old former Heavy Weight Champion Mike Tyson is set to start the next page of his professional career on November 28, 2020 when he takes on the veteran Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match in California. This fight vows to be an extraordinary one as pundits are already examining this foreseen battle.

Tyson has just started preparing as he shared pieces of his training video on his Instagram page. Training at age 54, Tyson didn’t have it simple at all getting fit as a fiddle after Last week’s preparation.

He had to be sleeping in pains for a few days, since it’s been ages being in the training ring. Tyson will be battling the veteran Roy Jones Jr., 51, on November 28, 2020 in an eight-round show bout in California.

In his most recent video, which was posted on his page, Tyson again displayed his rankling hand speed and beast power on the cushions, all while wearing a T-shirt with pictures of himself. The shirt included three pictures of Tyson from various phases of his career. He had displayed it in a post on Instagram three weeks back.

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According to the former Heavy Weight World Champion, he trained for just thirty seconds and he started gasping. He said in an an interview:

“That was 30 seconds, and I was in bed for a week,” he said. “And it’s not funny, because it made me realize that this is big-boy s—.”

Strangely, Roy Jones Jr. who is as of now a tree trimmer ended Mike Tyson boxing career in 2005, and now wants one more shot at him after that memorable fight. Preceding this battle, another former heavyweight champion George Foreman has cautioned the two boxing warriors that, it is dangerous for them, especially looking at their ages.

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