Mirage Residence: The Beautiful Apartments That Becomes Yours After..

The habitual abode of each and everybody is extremely indispensable, and ought to be seen as such. This was what entered my thoughts when I visited the Mirage Residence in Airport-Accra, which goes with exceptionally excellent outfitted lofts and lots more.

Situated on the Liberation Road in the Airport territory of Ghana, which is only two minutes’ drive from Kotoka International Airport, Mirage Residence, is an ideal setting molded by easy access to the air terminal, shopping centers, schools, café and business centres.

Living in one of these lofts is a venturing stone to great wellbeing. In that, here at Mirage Residence, cleanliness is consistently next to Godliness. You get the chance to enjoy facilities, for example, fitness center, cafe and bar, housekeeping, laundry, hairdresser salon at your residence.

The ideal mélange of extravagance and solace at Mirage Residence is simply incomprehensible. The best standard of luxury living are brought to you by multiple room loft alternatives.

Mirage residence is one of Accra’s newest landmark with an example and perfect combination of modern architecture. The shape of structure of the building and perfect exterior finishing is very unique and one of its kind in Ghana.

The delightful thing about Mirage Residence is that, this property has taken additional wellbeing and cleanliness measures to guarantee 100% of your security.

A Look At The Most Beautiful Vicinities In Accra-Ghana

The warm reception of the staff of these apartments and the security system are similarly fabulous. The bar, lounge, free parking, fitness center and air-conditioned accommodations with a balcony and free WiFi are all available.

What Is The Payment Process For Owning An Apartment At Mirage Residence?

inside Mirage Residence

The best things usually comes with a full cost, however at Mirage Residence, you pay 35% and you get your keys. You can pay the excess with two years installment plan.

In spite of the value of the apartment, you have the flexibility to pay the rest, to become a mortgage holder by renting your apartment. You take possession of the apartment and then you begin having income from your loft by renting or moving in.

Situated at one of the beautiful and an ideal areas in Accra-Ghana, Mirage Residence is spacious and comfortable to live in. Particularly taking a gander at how the pool and the fitness center looks big and exceptionally brilliant.

At Mirage Residence, you get a good value for your money!.

source: oseiagyemang.com

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