Moldova’s New Female President Set To Transform The Economy

Maia Sandu

On November 16, supportive of EU former Prime Minister Maia Sandu beat pro-Russia incumbent Igor Dodon with 58% of the vote in the second round of the Presidential elections. Moscow rooted for Dodon but acknowledged the winner, and Sandu thusly focused on a longing for proceeded with great relations with Russia.

Maia Sandu is a former World Bank economist from the Harvard Kennedy School- – who has since quite a while ago cautioned that her nation of 4,000,000 population—sandwiched among Russia and Romania, with which it shares close semantic and social ties—risk becoming a failed state notwithstanding being Europe’s least fortunate nation.

In the 2016 decisions, Maia narrowly lost to Igor Dodon, but her supporters weren’t 100% satisfied with the results with some recommending her opponent won since some “Russian citizens” were transported over the line into Moldovan. Be that as it may, this time, the story was different, as spectators were positioned in the country to forestall such an event.

On winning, corruption which has been a thistle in the nation’s substance will be her first concern. She will also see increasing living standards of the citizens, alongside considering how to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has really ‘punched’ Moldovan hard.

She is relied upon to build a solid reform alliance with enough international help to have the option to push the changes so urgently required.

As president, The 48 year old Maia would need to capitalize from her solid performance at the Presidential elections, to change the economy.

Maia Sandu has been the President of Moldovan since 24 December 2020. She is the former leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity and former Prime Minister of Moldova from 8 June 2019 until 14 November 2019.

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