Senegal Held A ‘Ground-breaking’ Festival That Attracted Millions Of People

The West African country was flooded with huge loads of people from over the African continent especially West Africa at the sacred city of Touba, where they dozed, ate and supplicated together for the Magal religious festival — in spite of Covid concerns. The main seven day stretch of October was all fun, as Pilgrims held on to enter at the Grand Mosque as a feature of the festival of the Magal of Touba in Senegal.

Buses traveling to Magal of Touba were pressed with travelers alongside their rooftops heaped high with sleeping beddings. The uplifting news is a large portion of the people present wore facemasks to shield themselves from getting tainted from unknown carriers.

The Magal is arguably, West Africa’s biggest religious get-together which celebrates the outcast of a Muslim spiritual leader, therefore the number of pilgrims especially Muslims who crowded to this spot was ‘heavy’. Near 5,000,000 people are believed to have gone to this year’s Magal.

A number of them thought the government of Senegal would have banned the function, considering the COVID-19 ascent, but that far from that. The government didn’t do that but rather, was praised for the handling of the pandemic.

Fascinatingly, during the Magal, leaders didn’t have to book lodgings or visitor houses. Touba’s inhabitants open up their homes to guests to come stay for nothing. Lunch and supper, in the Senegalese convention, are normally eaten off a common plate.

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Numerous government officials and top dignitaries joined the pilgrimage as well. The event which is officially a week long program was lovely without any snags and obstructions. Nonetheless, more older people and those with persistent ailments were cautioned not to be a part of this year’s Magal because of the congestion and the pandemic.

In the same way as other West African countries, Senegal had great conventions set up for contact following, mostly because of the 2014 Ebola flare-up, and can turn tests for the Covid around quick. It never announced a lot in excess of 100 new Covid cases a day, and in the course of recent months, its caseload has fallen.

The Magal honors the outcast of the Mourides’ originator, Sheik Amadou Bamba, to Gabon. French colonial authorities sent him there in 1895, frightful of his radical battle against them. The Mourides in Senegal also has power in Senegal, a country of around 16 million people.

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