“Most Nigerian Actresses Lie About Their Wealth”- Shan George

Shan George || Angela Okorie

Veteran Nigerian actress, Shan George, has reacted after her colleague, Angela Okorie, made a revelation about female actresses who acquire multi-million mansions in Lagos.

Angela recently made the admission that her female coworkers make extra money by doing side jobs to fund their lifestyle.

During an interview, Angela revealed this and advised actresses to stop claiming that acting is their only source of income.

She added that female actors, in contrast to male actors, invest in other businesses in addition to their acting careers to diversify their income.

However, she emphasized that young actresses who show off their extravagant lifestyles and give credit to the industry make those who have been in it for years appear dishonest.

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Angela says that because she also works in the industry and has done so for years, they can’t tell that her acting alone is the reason for such a lifestyle.

In response to this popular story in Nigeria, veteran actress Shan George commented on social media and shared her agreement with Angela Okorie’s remarks, revealing that many Nollywood stars even rent houses.

The actress went on to say that most of them are lying when they say they own houses. The fact is, a lot of them are tenants.

“Many just lease the house, and come online to claim bought. Their cup of zobo biko”, she said.

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