MTN Group Has A New Policy For The Staff

Africa’s biggest mobile operator, MTN Group has announced that, it will carry out an obligatory vaccination policy for its staff from January 2022.

Management of the Group has given a statement, saying staff who were not excluded from vaccinations either through risk appraisal or concurred rejections but at the same time denied vaccination will chance losing their jobs from next year (2022).

The explanation which was given on December 6, said the new vaccination policy is an action to meet lawful commitments as to giving a safe working environment and will be likely to risk assessment and local laws where its organizations and auxiliaries operate.

As indicated by MTN, as an employer, their outfit have an obligation to guarantee that their working environments are guided by the best standards of health and safety, and that has illuminated their decision to make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for the staff.

In the interim, the COVID-19 approach additionally recognises some okay jobs that will be obliged with regular work-from-home or substitute plans, but this will be a little populace inside their labor force.

The statement also noticed that special cases would be made for workers in countries that don’t have access to vaccines, as well as the people who apply to be exempted from the policy and/or refuse vaccination on certain clearly defined grounds.

MTN Group’s new vaccine policy is a measure to meet MTN’s legal obligations in regard to providing a safe workplace and shall be subject to risk assessment and local laws that apply to the MTN Group and their operating companies and subsidiaries.

However, for those staff who are not exempt from vaccinations either through risk assessment or agreed exclusions but still refuse vaccination, MTN will not be obliged to continue the employment contract.

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