Museum Of Islamic Art: One Of The World’s Best Museums

Quite recently, the world had a lot of fun at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, where Argentina won the cup. Aside from that, have you ever stopped to think about the beautiful museums in Qatar and the stories they tell?

The Middle East Country is known as the arts capital of the Arabian Peninsula because it has numerous architecturally striking and accessible museums.

The majority of Qatar’s major museums have opened or undergone renovations in the past decade. By 2030, three more art institutions are expected to add to the country’s cultural offerings:

the Orientalist collection of Qatar Museums is on display at the Lusail Museum; Contemporary art was the focus of the Art Mill Museum; and the Qatar Auto Museum, which celebrates the country’s obsession with high-end automobiles.

In point of fact, Qatar is known for having some of the best museums, including the Museum of Islamic Art.

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It has a collection that dates back 1,400 years. I. M. Pei, a well-known Chinese-American architect, was reportedly coaxed out of retirement to design the building that, when it opened in 2008, would make the world aware of Qatar’s plans to become an arts hub.

Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) is still one of the city’s most recognizable structures. It is a sparkling white Cubist confection that rises from Doha Bay like a geometric wedding cake on top of its own artificial island. Inside is what is thought to be the largest Islamic art collection in the world, spanning three continents and 1,400 years.

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