“My Passion And Love For Filmmaking Is Unimaginable”- Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

She has been making movies for more than a decade, and she is now an addict to it. Yvonne Nelson has made it clear that she absolutely adores her work as a filmmaker and cannot envision herself doing anything else.

During a recent interview with Ghana Television, she revealed this while touring the media to promote her new Valentine movie, “Kotoka.”

“This thing that I am doing is not for everyone, I keep saying, and you need to have a bit of craziness to do what I do because you will get frustrated and people will just mess you up and disappoint you. I believe it’s a lot of passion going on with me. I’m so passionate about this whole thing, I love doing it and am going to be around for a long time,”

The Actress claims that working with some crew members has been difficult due to their inconsistent behavior, lack of discipline, and disrespect for the job. But regardless of this, she continues to do what she enjoys most.

Yvonne Nelson Announces The Premiere Of Her Latest Film

On February 14, 2023, her most recent film, “KOTOKA,” will be shown at the Silverbird Cinema.

She said that she planned to show the movie in February, which is the Month of Love, because there aren’t many things to do with lovers in February.

Every February, Yvonne Nelson makes at least one romantic comedy, and the most recent one, “Kotoka,” is sure to attract a lot of cinephiles.

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