Naa Ashorkor Designated As The First Ghanaian Ambassador Of Vlisco

Naa Ashorkor interacting with the media

Award winning broadcaster Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku has been named as Vlisco’s brand Ambassador. She now begins a new exciting journey as the organization’s first Ghanaian influencer.

Naa Ashorkor is anticipating to work with the very capable local designers on gorgeous outfits to exhibit the fine connection between luxury and the rich Ghanaian legacy.

With this honor, Naa Ashorkor is set to contribute to empower the people, especially women and young ladies to embrace their independence, beauty, flair and style through Vlisco.

Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku:

Naa Ashorkor is one of Ghana’s exceptional media personalities with such a great amount of talent. She is currently a broadcaster at TV3, an auxiliary of Media General, an emcee, an award winning Actor & PR practitioner/Advocate for Women’s Issues & Mental Health. She has been in the media business for north of 10 years with such a lot of experience in media and television production.


Originated in 1846 in The Netherlands Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing unique printed fabrics , made with time honoured methods and quality materials originally derived from Indonesian wax based Batik. Vlisco’s heritage and design signature is a multicultural symbiose of beauty and craftsmanship where each print has its own distinctive originality.

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For almost 200 years, Vlisco has created over 350,000 original textile designs and colour variances. Many of these designs have become cultural treasures, adopted and embraced by African women; and honoured with names and meanings by the traders of West and Central Africa.

Within this world of heritage, craftsmanship, design and storytelling, Vlisco’s fabrics form the starting point of fashion, creativity and bold self expression, where every final piece, is indeed: one of a kind. The fabrics are 100% Guaranteed Dutch wax print.

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