Naana Blu’s Latest Tune ‘Cartoon’ Is Out! And It’s Epic!

Naana Blu

Naana Blue, a popular singer from Ghana, has released a new single titled “Cartoon,” which is without a doubt a good composition.

As usual, Naana Blu blends English and French to create a distinctive sound that distinguishes her from other Ghanaian music industry artists. This is yet another fine tune, from the singer. In fact, ‘Cartoon’ is no special case from her other good tunes.

This excellent production “Cartoon,” is produced by the talented Willisbeatz. The song’s captivating beat and phenomenal vocals by Naana Blu are one of a kind.

The ‘Songbird’ With Lots Of Potentials To Be Great!

In addition to being an awesome song, “Cartoon” is a cautionary tale about the importance of standing up for oneself in the face of heartbreak and a story about a relationship that went wrong. By singing, Naana Blu is heard saying “You think say I be cartoon”, which demonstrates to the chorus that she is not someone to be taken for granted.

As the song begins to rise in the charts, the message is very relatable. Because of its message, “Cartoon” is likely to become one of Naana Blu’s most popular songs.

“Cartoon” is currently on all major platforms.


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