Nakeeyat To Be The First Female UN General Secretary From..

Nakeeyat Dramani

Nakeeyat Dramani Sam has not stopped fascinating people with her shrewdness after moving on from the popular kids television show “Talented Kidz”. As the season 10 winner of TV3’s top flight show, Nakeeyat has since been an ambassador of many brands both locally and universally.

Nakeeyat’s boldness has consistently grown to the point that, she is exceptionally hopeful she will be the next UN Secretary General from Ghana after Dr Kofi Annan. In an interview on Friday October 27, on Neat 100.9 FM in Accra, Nakeeyat revealed that she is genuinely getting ready to be a UN Secretary General.

Nakeeyat Wins Two Awards For An Epic Performance

According to her, she knows the journey to take to be a UN Secretary General, therefore she has already begun zeroing in on that. The 11-year old stated in the conversation that, for one to be in such high position, you should be a legal counselor, humanitarian, teacher, bilingual and some other qualities prior to succeeding that position. As a result, she is aware of every one of these, hence striving to be there.

Nakeeyat recently won two big awards at the. first edition of the ‘African Shenmo Abacus Mental Math Cup and Award Ceremony’ in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on the 14th October. The competition was between more than 1000 kids between the ages of 4 and 15 from 20 African nations.

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