Naomi Campbell Makes A Surprise Entry To A Runway Show

Chukwuma Ian Audifferen

Nigerian style designer Chukwuma Ian Audifferen least anticipated such an astonishment on the runway, yet it happened.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell stunned the Nigerian designer after she showed up at the– Arise Fashion Week “30 Under 30”- – an event which celebrates youthful African fashion designers.

30 year-old Chukwuma Ian Audifferen was energized on seeing the supermodel Naomi Campbell swaggering down the runway in Lagos, Nigeria in the patterned designed rain coat.

Campbell wore Chukwuma’s outfit (ie. Tzar Studios poncho) on the runway to the stun of the young fashion designer. Clearly, she looked amazing in the piece.

In his astounded state of mind, Chukwuma Ian Audifferen said:

“It was one of those moments that made fashion so worthwhile for me,”

Chukwuma has now named the Tzar Studios rain coat wear after the supermodel.

So Who Is Chukwuma Ian Audifferen?

After secondary school, he studied microbiology at the University of Lagos – a career he said his dad sought after for him. Being a fashion designer wasn’t his thing by any means.

Be that as it may, during his studies, Chukwuma interned for Lagos Fashion Week and Arise Fashion Week, a contest for young designers hosted by Nigerian media group Arise. And, this pushed his affection to be in the design world.

Subsequent to graduating from the Lagos University, Audifferen started making shirts. That is the point at which he chose to assemble a little collections, and established Tzar Collection in 2014.

The underlying plans were “radiant and flashy” he said, with an assortment of intense and conflicting prints and colours.

He got going with menswear but later moved into womenswear in 2018. Now, his designs are more similar to all over, and the Tzar Studios ethos is basically comfortable and excellent. Plainly, his designs prioritise functionality.

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Chukwuma had worked behind the stage and coordinated several models; and has been on the runway displaying his pieces. After his first appearance on the runway in 2018, Audifferen’s collections began to get more acknowledgment.

He has been featured in numerous magazines including Vogue and Genevieve. His work started drawing in the consideration of Lagos’ design insightful socialites.

Try not to get it bent – Audifferen is currently a vital participant in Nigeria’s prospering style scene, where an expanding number of young originators are taking the spotlight.

Of the 30 designers selected for the Arise Fashion Week in December 2020, 23 were Nigerians, including Audifferen.

Arise Fashion Week is a significant event to help lift designers and give their work global openness; and Naomi Campbell simply loves to assist with such events. That is the justification for her unexpected appearance at Arise Fashion Week.

She said in an interview:

“I feel that it’s been long going on for too long, that designers on the continent have not gotten a platform in the fashion capitals of the world. Fashion is not supposed to discriminate, yet we have excluded this part of the world and other emerging markets. They need to know that they’re recognized and appreciated in the world of creative fashion, like all the other young rising stars in fashion capitals”.

Campbell has for quite some time been an advocate of African designers and creatives, utilizing her star ability to carry global thoughtfulness regarding events like Arise, and its young designers.

The supermodel is excited by the remarkable work coming from African fashion designers.

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