Naomi Osaka Is Officially The Laureus Sportswoman of the Year

Tennis star Naomi Osaka has been named the Laureus Sportswoman of the Year for 2021 subsequent to winning her second US Open title.

The success wasn’t simply because of her prosperity on the court but also her association amidst the Black Lives Matter campaign.

In each one her matches, she campaigned against Black casualty of supposed police or bigoted savagery in the US.

Subsequent to winning the award, this is what she said:

“Regarding my activism on the court, I think it is important to use my voice, because for me I feel like I often hold back a lot and worry about what people think of me, but you know if you have a platform it is very important you use it.

“Looking ahead, my main hopes for the future would be just to have helped or impacted as many people as I could and, hopefully, be a better person.”

The “Oscars of Sport” awards, as it is named, was digitally held due to the Covid pandemic.

The awards told the “inspirational stories of people who worked tirelessly to combat the pandemic, and highlighted the advocacy of sportsmen and sportswomen who have used their positions of influence to make a powerful impact on issues and conflicts which go beyond sport.

Apart from Naomi Osaka, another unmistakable athlete who used his platform to focus a light on friendly treacheries and racial imbalance during 2020, was Formula One genius Lewis Hamilton.

He was instrumental in the campaign against black racism, and even wore a Black Lives Matter cap with a black hustling suit, while also taking the knee before every stupendous prix and urging his partners to do same.

Subsequently, Hamilton – who together won the Sportsman of the Year Award a year ago with Lionel Messi – was awarded the debut Laureus Athlete Advocate of the Year Award for 2021 for his association in the battle against prejudice.

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