Naomi Raine’s New Solo Album Is Out! She Performs ‘Okay’…

Naomi Raine is a steadfast member from the worship ensemble Maverick City Music. And, she has been exceptional since her experience with them. Naomi Raine ventured into her very own spotlight in 2022 with the release of her debut solo album, “Journey”.

A brazenly legit 22-track album, ‘Journey’ is a look into Raine’s course of exploring a melodic career, confidence, parenthood, marriage, psychological wellness and then some more.

All through the album, Raine figures out how to maintain her emphasis on a positive mentality without avoiding the most terrible, and additional challenges aspects of life. No place is that more genuine than in “Okay,” a melody that addresses Raine’s experience in tension, stress and human satisfying.

Raine explains how the everyday burdens of life can cause her to feel like she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. As per the Grammy winning Christian Artists, she grind away ordinarily, to make her fantasy a reality. She always tries to pray and remove all the pressure and the business joined, yet can’t quit saying OK! to herself.

Indeed, even as Raine takes advantage of normal nerves, she also figures out how to see as a more inspirational outlook as she deals with the melody. In her performance of “Okay”, Raine sits at a mouthpiece, wearing a white and dim jumpsuit, encompassed by gauzy white decorations. Behind her, a sponsorship band offers a delicately lilting melodic background and ethereal harmonies.

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That is on the grounds that — notwithstanding every one of the burdens she specifies in the tune — Raine knows that her faith will ultimately help things work out in her favor. “A work in progress, it’s a process/ But He’ll keep His promise,” she points out at the emotional climax of the song.

Three months before releasing ‘Journey’, Raine became a GRAMMY winner thanks to her work in Maverick City Music. The group’s collaborative live album with Elevation Worship, Old Church Basement, won Best Contemporary Christian Music Album at the 2022 GRAMMYs.


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