Nathan Quao: All You Need To Know About The Master Of Eloquence

Nathan Quao

Everyday, we sit behind our radio, and pay attention to moderators who we believe are our #1 live presenters. Citi 97.3 FM’s Nathan-Quao found himself on radio when he showed up in Ghana. Sports was his beginning point. The two-tongued live radio broadcaster has a downpour of experiences that sets him apart from the rest.

Sitting on radio each day is perhaps a side interest but not necessarily a job for Nathan, in light of the fact that, Nathan is an excellent speaker, who for sure knows how to ‘twist and turn’ the Queen’s language and when to do so on air.

As a journo and a senior researcher, Nathan Quao has for as far back as 10 years been in the media space, with such a long time with Citi 97.3 FM, producing, supporting news programming on the network, and getting profoundly engaged with the sports division as the editor too.

Since 2012, the broadcast journalist has been extremely instrumental in the driving of Citi FM to build up some momentum, including writing stories and articles for the station. The freelance language interpreter additionally presents daily bulletins, produces and hosts Citi FM’s Premier League preview show on Citi TV, and lots more.

Listening to Nathan Quao in the mornings is very motivating, as he does that with all vigour and euphoria. However gifted as he may be, Nathan Quao has been tagged as an institution in one mind by some listeners.

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Indeed!, this is because, apart from doing interpretation and interpretation services; language tutoring; International Affairs consultancy, the confident broadcast journalist is also an adjunct Lecturer at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), with so much experience.

Perhaps, acquiring his Master of Arts (MA) International Affairs and Diplomacy at the Legon Centre for International Affairs has been a plus in his career. The reality is that, Nathan has always been associated with Languages and Communication, accordingly it’s practically the same path he is stuck to now.

He originally earned a degree (Bachelor of Arts in Language Interpretation and Translation before deeply getting into the whole thing proper.. The smileful Nathan Quao has a few other fantastic certifications that makes him an extraordinary character.

Nathan is a diligent worker whose contributions in class were always thoughtful, valuable and very well articulated. He has an excellent mastery of English and French and is an eloquent writer.

As somebody whose father was working at the Arts Center in Ghana prior to traveling to the States, you ought to know where the energy for media and communication is coming from.

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