Ne-Yo Jumps On LÜM, A Streaming Music Platform That Monetizes For Entertainers


R&B whiz Ne-Yo has collaborated with LÜM for the launch of its new web-and android-based collective platform. The Grammy award winning R&B singer Ne-Yo has chosen to bounce in and work hands-on with LÜM (a music application) that is augmenting its extension to ensure partaking artists get paid.

The ‘crazy’ entertainer, alongside Compound Entertainment fellow benefactors and music heads Tishawn Gayle and Rynell “Tango” Hay, have announced a partnership with LÜM, a streaming and discovery application that had recently been mobile/iOS- only, however has recently launched a web-and Android-accommodating platform that underlines artist collaboration and monetization.

The objective is to empower rising performers to develop their fan base and make some good money with LÜM’s in-application money feature called virtual gifting. It’s a model whereby more prominent network interest prompts more noteworthy rewards, permitting musicians to use the service as an entrepreneur device.

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Ne-Yo has decided to be a pioneer in the midst of the most smoking pattern in technology, cryptocurrency, which is set to upset a financial services market that is relied upon to reach $26.5 trillion by 2022.

As indicated by Ne-Yo in an interview:

“Tech has come to play a huge role in our lives, sometimes for the better, but sometimes disrupting systems that might have been better off left intact. Rather than complain about the challenges we’re facing as artists, it’s important for us to find new opportunities and embrace those tools that can help us rewrite the rules in a way that preserves the arts.” He said.

Artists can upload their content to the application, where fans can find their songs and circulate the music by re-sharing melodies to their friends so that the application becomes an ecosystem of computerized assets exchanged and sold with its virtual currency, boosting artists to earn more income.

LÜM is one of the applications that is changing the music scene for artists who are struggling to make an income, and Ne-Yo is of the view that the application is laying the foundation for free artists and fans alike to perceive what the fate of music can look like for them.

LÜM’s virtual-gifting service is accessible without a base limit of folllwers or video views. That is different from platforms like TikTok that keep up high limits, which makes this income channel inaccessible to recently beginning or exceptional artists.

LÜM has been introduced to give a huge number of autonomous creators a new approach to take a gander at their careers, and — to assist them with building more grounded connections, network, work together and make more money.

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