Nebuta Museum – One That Introduces The History And Charms Of The Aomori Nebuta Festival

Nebuta Museum, Japan

Japan’s acclaimed festival Aomori Nebuta is one of the festivals that draws in people from the country as well as universally. The city of Aomori at that point, turns out to be extremely occupied with a – prefecture in northeastern Japan.

Such countless things encompasses the festival, with the Nebuta Museum being one of them. The historical center presents the set of experiences and charms of the Aomori Nebuta Festival, where you can experience each part of the celebration.

On display are 4 full-sized floats that partook in the festival every August. At the historical center, there is what they call the “Haneto” experience, where people dance to the famous ‘Hayashi’ music.

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People who are ‘lifelong’ aficionados of drums can also give their hands a shot on the taiko drums used in the festival. For you to have a wonderful experience with Nebuta Museum, the presentation of the Nebuta drifts are in plenitude.

They are made of wire, wood and paper- – and are essentially lovely! In actual fact, the strategies and styles utilized in making the buoys or floats which has changed throughout the long term, is awesome.

People are not permitted to touch the floats but the “Hands-on- Nebuta” allow you to feel what a real Nebuta is like. As you enjoy tasty dishes arranged by Aomori shellfishes, you also get the chance to have a perspective on the Mutsu Bay, which is close by.

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