Netflix Are Not Ruining The Film Industry: Says Charlie Kaufman

Charlie Kaufman

For some time now, some people are stating that the online film streaming organization, Netflix is destroying the film business. Notwithstanding, Charlie Kaufman who is an Oscar-winning screenwriter has an alternate supposition to the issue.

According to Kaufman, it is maddening to him when people say Netflix is demolishing films. He says, there is no assurance that Netflix are doing so, but rather studios are destroying motion pictures. In fact, according to Kaufman, all has to do with good and impactful films.

He further said that the film business has changed gigantically, and everything occurred around 2008 when studios quit making motion pictures and began making tentpoles. The explanation something like Netflix draws in producers is on the grounds that there’s no place else to make those things.

Legitimizing more on his position, the Oscar winning screen author stated, he shot a film “Frank or Francis,” which travelled everywhere not because of the title but how whimsical it was.

The film which had large stars featured, also had great music, other than the screenplay. He searched for financing yet couldn’t get it. Actually, he was looking at just $11 million.

Meanwhile, during this time of COVID-19, the film business isn’t as frisky as it used to be, in spite of the fact that Netflix and other web based streaming services are working.

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