You Consistently Pray But Don’t Get The Results. Details Here

According to the Christian Bible, when war rose in heaven, the devil had the option to win greater part of the holy messengers (angels) down to planet earth. This by itself legitimizes how powerful the fallen angel is and how clever he can be to humanity.

The truth of the matter is, God himself knows how daring Satan (devil’s other name) is, which is the reason he booted him out to our planet earth. So if you, as human as you are, might think these fallen angels have no ability to baffle your life, reconsider it.

As long as we are humans and were created in God’s image, the devil will consistently frustrate us until the apocalypse (that is, if we will move to another heavenly spot). Prayer is vital to standing boot for boot with these fallen angels. Without it, he (the devil) will continue to make life horrendous each and every truthful Christian.

As indicated by the Christian Bible, Prayer answers all things. But interestingly, some people additionally have an alternate declaration to this issue. They admit that when they pray, they hardly get the positive results very quickly. Others also say, when they pray, they come behind schedule.

People experience serious life issues, trusting God will rapidly mediate to save them from all excruciating and dishonorable problems but in the end, the unfortunate happens. Some approach God at the perishing snapshot of an emergency, and hope to have a ‘guardian angel’ but nothing occurs.

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This doesn’t mean God isn’t at work. He now and then allows certain things to happen to tell a story. He allows extreme things happen to us to fortify us. He now and again permits the unfortunate things happen to push us to be more prayerful taking a gander at how shrewd the devil can be.

The devil has pushed many to commit suicide. (end it all), subsequent to hassling them with such countless inconveniences in life, he has transformed real followers of God into equipped burglars, whores, ruffians, womanizers, boozers, killers and numerous others, where these individuals’ lives has gotten hopeless.

Most church goers face loads of major issues, but after connecting with God through prayers, they are liberated from their villain. However, others do everything they can, but the more they pray, the more regrettable things consistently knock on their doors. Frustration, depression and stress sets in and some fall back, and do not come back to God again.

The Question is:- does the devil has any friendship with God, and why does God look on for righteous or good people to experience serious difficulties in life? God has a purpose behind everything he does but as to how humans will understand him is another issue.

That is the reason you shouldn’t belittle the devil, since he has a thousand and one ways of ‘winning’ the personalities of individuals. In as much as the Almighty God is Powerful and supersedes everything, the fallen angel is similarly dangerous in obliterating souls to the barest least. He came to make life hopeless for all people.

When I hear devotees in a congregation – yelling on top of their voice — ‘We step on you Satan’ – We shoot you with a big gun in the name of Jesus (repeatedly), I smile, not because of the people but the words in the prayers. The devil can never be shot or stepped on while you (the one yelling) is going around sleeping with people’s spouses, going for rituals for money, engaging in armed robbery, destroying friendships and marriages and so forth.

You are rather messing yourself up. For you to have the option to ‘shoot’ the devil profoundly, try not to engage in indecent acts just as the Bible said, on the grounds that the devil isn’t pretty much as weak as you may think.

Endless Prayers – Prayers – Prayers without many unscrupulous acts, can do all the ‘magic’ for you as a Christian. Don’t underestimate the devil. Keep being on track with consistent prayers because he can easily disgrace you.

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