New Changes Of Mobile Money Service In Ghana Takes Effect from 1st july 2021

Members from the Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) have announced an increase in cash-out services effective, Thursday July 1.

A statement delivered on Monday June 28 by the association appealed to clients to bear with them and comply with the new directives.

As indicated by the association, they are begging the general public to comply with their members in their various shops.

They added:

“This is never our wish but we don’t have a choice but the financial commitment are too much and absorbing this leave us with nothing at the end of the day”

The charge increment follows a crisis meeting hung on Friday, June 25.

The Association had continually complained about increase in taxes forced on telecommunication companies by government, consequently driving them to give the charges to their clients.


Some Commercial Banks Not Happy With The Directives Of The Bank Of Ghana

The government of Ghana has ordered all telecommunication network companies to deduct 10% extra from Cash-out assistance wallet.

Altogether, on each network, each agent will be paying 20% tax on month to month premise.

They say at first, agent were paying 5% on Cash-in service wallet, but was subtly increased to 10% without their insight. Furthermore, they feel it’s a gross negligence to them.

They counted the numerous operational costs aside the risks of armed robbery, acid baths, fraud and insecurity, which they say leads to death, deformity, maiming and loss of huge amounts of money.

In all of these, the deceased, and/or victims are left to their families without any form of support from government or whatsoever.

As indicated by them, the goverment has not paid attention to their interests, along these lines have no choice than to pass every one of the costs onto their customers.

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