New York Times Best Seller List: Alicia Keys Shows Appreciation For Topping

Alicia Keys

‘More Myself’ is a book released by Alicia Keys in the relatively recent past and it has been doing very well since its discharge.

Keys says the book is a testament to years of working to take down the “armor” she’s spent a lifetime keeping up.

Luckily, the Grammy Award winner’s ‘More Myself’ book has been recorded on New York Times Best Seller List.

It has topped the list for a straight four weeks and Alicia is over the top, as she has expressed gratitude toward all fans and lovers who helped her arrive at that accomplishment.

On the 3rd of May, 2020, Alicia Keys took to Instagram to post her appreciation. With more than 172,000 likes which includes Janet Jackson’s, she communicated her bliss with a short letter.

‘More Myself’ is a book that has revealed the pieces of numerous people’ lives, and has associated absolutely through this book.

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