Nicki Minaj Clarifies Who She Is Referring To In Her Diss Line In “Say So”

Nicki Minaj’s recent collaboration with Doja Cat on his “Say So” Remix is an astounding track that has shocked music fans like a rapture.

In the tune, Minaj dropped some ‘serious’ bars during his rap turn, and people are as of now saying, the shades from Minaj is tossed at Wendy Williams.

It’s intriguing how fans immediately took to social media after the remix of the TikTok hit was released, to reason who Nicki may be going after in the outro.

In her rap, Nicki Minaj stated:

“Why you talkin’ ’bout who body fake?/With all them fillers in your face, you just full of hate/That real ass ain’t keep your n***a home/Now you lookin’ silly, that’s word to silicone,”

People have begun to accept this was thrown at Wendy Williams. They have various assessments but the lion’s share are saying, Wendy Williams is in ‘hot waters’.

So what’s it about Wendy Williams versus Nicki Minaj? The narrative of this mayhem is that Williams some time back, reprimanded Minaj for her marriage with enrolled sex guilty party, Kenneth Petty, who was once accused of assault.

Wendy Williams think it was an off-base move by a major brand like Nicki Minaj to go into such marriage thus she additionally stated:

“Now you’ve ruined everything about what your brand could be again,”. “You’re never going to stand a chance when you’re with a man who pulls a knife at rape point.”

In any case, Nicki Minaj has come out to state that, the shots are not thrown at Wendy Williams. She said the line in the song ain’t about Wendy, however didn’t show who she may have been alluding to.

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