Nicki Minaj Eulogises 50 Cent. This Is Her Reason

Nicki Minaj

During Nicki Minaj’s initial days as a musician, the Trinidadian-born rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model was forceful and anxious to follow the steps of rapper 50 Cent. The 37 year old gained public recognition exactly towards the beginning of her music career.

Since that time, Nicki Minaj has rose to enormity in showbiz particularly as an artist. She never had it easy, however had to experience a great deal of challenges before getting to the top, therefore considers 50 Cent to be somebody who propelled her.

Minaj however, considered 50 Cent as a major motivation coming into the music business. 50 Cent who is a rapper, actor, producer and a business person, started selling drugs at age twelve during the 1980s to endure.

The 44 year old rapper never surrendered throughout his life but battled it until finally becoming successful.

Nicki Minaj Clarifies Who She Is Referring To In Her Diss Line In “Say So”

In a post by Nicki Minaj on her Instagram page, the award winning artist, shared a wonderful photograph of herself and 50 Cent with the inscription:

” Southside We Outside. One Of my inspirations. #QGTM @50cent”.

More than 21,000 people commented on the post, as they were upbeat for the two artists.

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