Nicki Minaj Is Pissed Off With Instagram

Nicki Minaj

Instagram is out with another feature for its users. The social media network has clarified that the new element which being tested is connected to another strategy of which it is to improve the “psychological well-being” of the users.

Users can never again see the usual ‘Like’ yet the owners of the account can in any case observe the ‘Like’ – No one else can see it. The reason for this new element is exclusively centered around the youthful users.

As a matter of fact, this new feature will expel the weight from Instagram and make it less inclined to competition and give its users more space to concentrate on the contact with their loved ones.

Also, the new component will be a wellspring of motivation for everyone particularly the more youthful group.

However, tons of people are rankled by the new component and don’t concur with the policy. One of them is rapper Nicki Minaj.

Clearly, this will influence her number of ‘Likes’ on her account since the ‘Likes’ will hugely affect her business – Especially when they are constantly transformed into colossal totals of cash for artists like Minaj.

The rapper/model has accordingly chosen to blacklist Instagram by not posting anything on the network as an indication of protest. So she posted:

“I will not publish anything on IG because they have decided to remove the like – did you know the singer on Twitter – what should I devote my time now? I think of all the time I have with my new life. This situation is not what that smaller companies will face – stressed – but it’s about why the big companies are doing this. This is because the musicians make no money. The labels and the streaming platforms know what to say to make us feel good, while they continue to make real money”.

According to the award winning rapper, the this new approach by Instagram would have nothing to do with the longing to make a social connection where the competition doesn’t influence an excessive number of the users, but instead would envelop a technique presented by the enormous organizations to the impediment of littler ones, and from the record marks to the impairment of the artists.

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