Nigeria Makes Progress In The Fight Against Corruption

Nigeria’s chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Abdulrasheed Bawa

Most Nigerian leaders are seen to be corrupt by numerous individuals in the country. Hence, there is not a solitary trust in every administration that assume the mantle as a government. As per most residents, Corruption is extremely wild in Nigeria just like some other nations on the continent.

Numerous Nigerian anti-corruption institutions including individuals have tried to retrieve monies stolen by leaders of the country in all means but all without much of any result.

All things considered, the new chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Abdulrasheed Bawa has had the option to deal with one of these issues ‘hunting’ the country.

According to Mr Bawa, his outfit has had the option to sieze about 80 properties esteemed at $80 million. He broke this news on Tuesday May 11.

Reporting this, Mr Bawa said $153m (£108m) had been retrieved from the country’s former oil minister Diezani Alison Madueke who escaped to the UK in 2015.

In the wake of recovering this money, Mr Bawa said:

“We are looking forward to the time we will, maybe, have her in the country, and, of course, review things and see what will happen going forward. The case has certainly not been abandoned”

He further declared that he was prepared to find employment elsewhere as director of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission if anybody pushes him to do anything illicit.


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Meanwhile, one of the suspects Ms Alison-Madueke who was an oil minister somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2015, has denied any corrupt behavior when it was claimed that $20bn of oil cash had disappeared when she was in office.

That allegation was made by Nigeria’s national bank lead representative Sanusi Lamido Sanusi in February 2014. Mr Sanusi was sacked right after he was accused for financial recklessness himself.

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