Nii Kpakpo Thompson – The Presenter/ Satirist With A Unique Style

Nii enjoys everything about radio and TV

Nii Kpakpo Thompson is a media character who has been gracing our screens for certain years now with various TV shows. He has hosted several shows both on radio and TV.

His first TV program was TONIGHT, a syndicated show where he had interesting interviews with numerous top big names, inventors, social influencers and some more.

The ‘Tonight’ show was brimming with games, surprise guests and beautiful performances; with many controversies surrounding it. His exceptional style of introduction makes people like him the more any time he introduces a program.

His hilarious demeanor on every one of his program is the thing that has the effect on the audience. Practically the entirety of his shows has a touch of parody that makes him extremely phenomenal.

He has been in charge of several on-air programs and currently has ‘Date Rush’ airing on TV, an engaging dating show that has pulled in more crowd.

Of course, his comical nature in addition to the enthusiastic demeanor he adds to the show, is exceptional. Nii Kpakpo can do anything just to fulfill the watchers.

You can confide in him to even revolve by turning over and over on the floor with certain contrivances, and a few other methodologies to make the show a fascinating one.

Nii Kpakpo has in reality added to the media especially entertainment in all viewpoints, with Nii being Nominated in some honors including one of Ghana’s regarded award schemes, Radio And Television Personality (RTP) Awards in 2016.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson is in reality, a genuine entertainer!

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