No One Will Be Forced To Take The Vaccine – Mexico President

Mexican President – Andrés Manuel López Obrador

All Mexicans ought to be vaccinated under the National health policy of the country, yet a few residents have an alternate assessment to this entire antibody.

As per the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Vaccines will show up in the country in clusters. Mexico will hence press ahead with the objective of immunizing all individuals, as per pre-set up needs.

Interestingly, his arrangements may not happen due to the fact that some of the residents are not willing to get a jolt.

In Aldama, a humble community of around 7,000 situated in the focal high countries of the southern Mexican province of Chiapas, a few group say they won’t get immunized, paying little mind to any vaccination plan or where the antibody comes from.

Native communities like Aldama have a background marked by question toward the government, since local area leaders say, they have been disregarded for too long. In the most exceedingly terrible of cases, they’ve been exposed to land-snatches, discrimination, abuse and assaults.

Aldama’s leaders have a solid believe that the vaccines can bring more damage than anything else. They think there isn’t enough education – ie. the People are not all around educated with respect to this immunization. They even believe the vaccines contain the Covid-19 infection and that is the primary motivation behind why people would prefer not to get immunized.


Aldama’s inhabitants are predominantly Tzotzil Mayans, who infrequently travel to enormous urban areas, and not very many people at any point visit, saving the town the most exceedingly awful of the pandemic – and implying that numerous occupants don’t see the need to be vaccinated.

Local authorities gladly attest that nobody here has been infected by Covid, but health authorities couldn’t affirm that assertion. Meanwhile, the town shut down for a while, simultaneously the government forced limitations all through the country.

Intetestingly, according to the Aldamas, they their ancestral way of thinking regarding traditional medicine. They actually asked their grandparents and great-grandparents for guidance and that helped them a lot.

Meanwhile, the Mexican constitution allows towns like these to rule themselves under the principle of “traditions and customs.”

As of 2018, there were 421 municipalities in Mexico with this designation out of a total of 2,469 (17%). And it is not the only town in southern Mexico where people are refusing to get vaccinated.

Earlier this month, José López López, mayor of San Juan Cancuc, another indigenous town located in the Chiapas central highlands, sent state health authorities a letter, informing them of his municipality’s decision to refuse any vaccine.

In fact, he additionally exploited the situation to ask people from Chiapas not to fall prey to the lies of those attempting to exploit a health crisis, and are selling ‘antibodies’ via socail media. According to José López López, antibodies are not secretly accessible. They are free and will be accessible for everyone.

On the whole, President López Obrador has underlined that nobody will be forced to take the Covid antibody. Everything will be made voluntary.

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