Noble Nketsia’s Latest Album ‘The Christ’ Out!

Noble Nketsia

Back in 1999 into the 2000s, Ghanaian Gospel singer Noble Nketsia was dynamic with bunches of hit tunes including: Metease yi, Mofra yi, Makoma Ahye Ma and a few other tunes.

Noble was all over the place at that time, in any event, even when the competition was tight. For quite a long while at this point, the once top artist was not a single where in sight.


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He had gone into hibernation for reasons most popular to him. Nonetheless, after certain long periods of nonappearance, Noble Nketsia is back with an excellent Album called ‘The Christ‘.

The Album which comprises of six (6) tracks, is of course, a good one that actually portrays the special voice of Noble Nketsia. It is expected to excel, and also acquaint him back to the scene after the long nonappearance.

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