Nomcebo And Master KG Are Now The Official Ambassadors Of South Africa’s Arts And Culture

Master KG (left) and Nomcebo (right)

South Africa has a serious inundation of artistes who are doing quite well, with the current number of them like Nomcebo Zikode and Master KG also joining the brief pattern.

The two have for at some point presently been popular around the globe because of their hit communitarian tune ‘Jerusalem’ that has gotten to the four corners of the world.

Hours after the release of the tune, it quickly went viral in South Africa and steadily went worldwide. Perhaps, the dance to the melody was one reason why the tune went over the edge the world over.

The ‘Jerusalem’ tune was very ‘incredible’ that, everyone moves to it quickly when they hear the sound being played anywhere. Consequently, the artists behind this tune (Nomcebo Zikode and Master KG) have been regarded by the South African Sports, Arts And Culture Ministry for the impact made on people especially, South Africans.

Master KG and Nomcebo performing ‘Jerusalem’

The two have formally been made Cultural Diplomacy Ambassadors of the country. The two hunky-dory artists were on Friday 7th August, 2020, designated as South Africa’s Arts and Culture Ambassadors to the world.

The two were given over the Cultural Diplomacy Ambassador Certificate by the Minister of Sports, Arts And Culture, Mr Mthethwa in Pretoria, South Africa.

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