“Now, It Was Getting Frustrating. My 10 Seconds Left Was..

My last job was loaded with issues. I needed to quit. Before this, I had worked with a few other organizations including clothing Lines, Real estates, insurance and some more. During my periods with these organizations, it was ‘hell’, as there were issues of salary payments, not to mention of non-payment of SNNIT contributions and so forth.

I considered getting into entrepreneurship. I went into commercial vehicle operation, with the assistance of a rich friend, who tracked down my thought as a lucrative one. Within a space of two years, the business was nearly disintegrating. The vast majority of the vehicles were involved in various accidents to the shock of us.

With this large number of challenges, I at long last decided to further my education. But unfortunately, the person who should support me financially was ‘broken down’, as in, my uncle had a serious stroke seven days after speaking to him about my school. He was driving when he was out of nowhere hit by the illness.

My dad who had passed years ago, always told me not to rely or repose my trust in people, because they might disappoint me genuinely (not their fault).. My uncle’s situation reminded me of my father’s assertions. Truth be told, my uncle would have helped me out, but perhaps luck was not on my side.

“What is my next move”? I asked myself. As youthful as I am, I made up my mind to play football as a career. I had the talent but who to manage me was my concern a long time back, reason why I quit. My passion for football had now ‘risen’. I began doing my personal training, until I landed on a contract with a second division team, who had their offshoots in Europe.

In just two months, I grabbed the eye of my trainer, who recommended me to the main coach of the team. I got going pleasantly, by playing well, and scoring important goals for the team to advance to the first division side. I was really one of the ‘engines’ of the team, so the coach added me to list of players to proceed with my trade beyond the shores of the country.

Out of fervor, I personally multiplied my training sessions to dazzle the team’s management. Unfortunately, when I was practically training for the trip, I broke my leg. The treatment of the injury was assume to have taken about three weeks, however it took me over 90 days, denying me of the trip abroad.

Now, I was getting depressed and frustrated. I noticed this was getting excessively beyond me. Life has been unfair to me in various degrees. As a matter of fact, I was stressed and worried, pondering what could be the issue. Is this fight spiritually worked out or I was just not figuring things out the right way? I continued to ask myself..

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It was not as though, I was not prayerful or pious. After every, ‘war’, I implore God to assist me with going through whatever other challenges that might come my direction. Be that as it may, nothing happened. My final decision was to end everything! I mean end my life, since I was of no significance to Society. Suicide had engulfed my thoughts, and so I considered this was the most ideal decision to go ‘sleep’.

I went for some ‘powerful’ drug to make it faster for me. Pretty much 10 seconds more to swallow it down, my phone rang. It was my sick uncle. He was calling to illuminate me that, I had won the American Lottery we had continually done quite a long while back.

It was like a fantasy! I just dropped the drug and started weeping, and said – – “Why Now??”

Sometimes, the challenges may come in their numbers, but with patience and emotional toughness, you’ll obviously track them down.

I am Abdoulai Traore- an Ivorian living in Ghana. And, this is my Story!!

Thanks to oseiagyemang.com for giving me the opportunity to share my story!

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