O-S-I-B-I-S-A – Is The Greatest Musical Band Ever To Have Existed

O-S-I-B-I-S-A in action

You observed The Bee Gees, The Jackson Five, Sister With Voice (SWV), Atongo Simba, Roots Anabo, Spice Girls, Salt n Pepper, UB40, Kool and the Gang and several other musical groups who were super-renowned within the 60s through to the 80s.

Amongst these cluster of hitmakers was O-S-I-B-I-S-A. Their thrilling and energetic performers were globally known for their kind of music that was a fusion of African, Caribbean, jazz, funk, rock, Latin, and R&B and dissipation.

The band was formed in London in 1969 in the UK. Four gentlemen who were expatriate Africans and 3 Caribbean musicians were behind the forming of this great international music band.

Amongst the members was the instrumentalist Teddy Osei who was truly the foremost acknowledge; thanks to his 100 percent involvement within the cluster. He was vocal, outspoken and forever able to hit the bottom going.

By the means, the alternative members included Kiki Gyan (the Keyboardist), Sol Amarfio (Drumset player), Gregg Kofi Brown (Guitarist), Wendell Richardson (Guitarist), Kofi Ayivor (Percussionist), Kwame Yeboah (the youngest Keyboardist) among the cluster, Kari Bannerman (Guitarist), Bessa Simons (Keyboardist) and Frank Tontoh (another fine Drumset player). Others enclosed within the cluster were Roy Bedeau, Loughty Amao from Nigeria and some others. So you can imagine how powerful they were on stage.

In actual fact, O-S-I-B-I-S-A was the first African band to notch up an entire series of popular singles and albums within the pop charts with its infectious fusion of patterns noted worldwide as criss-cross rhythms.

The O-S-I-B-I-S-A music band came into the scene at the time when there was fierce competition around the globe. However, as a result of the boldness reposed in themselves, they came in powerfully with all vigour and, were rated amongst the best in the world.

O-S-I-B-I-S-A is a British Afrobeat band who recorded with respectable labels like Decca Records, Warner Records, Universal Island Records, Bronze Records et al.

Over the years, between 1971 and 1992, Osibisa released many classic albums like ‘Osibisa’, ‘Woyaya’,’Heads’, ‘Music For Gong Gong’, ‘Superfly’, ‘Happy Children’, ‘Osibirock’, ‘Welcome Home’, ‘Ojah Awake’ and ‘Osee Yee’.

Interestingly, ‘Woyaya, Welcome Home and Celebration‘ were the most biggest hits in the world. The band helped retained the dissipation influence and delineated Ghana and Africa completely on the globe tours.

O-S-I-B-I-S-A was indeed one of the best musical genre bands ever seen!.

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