OB Amponsah – A Crafty Comedian Full Of Sniggers!


Satire is one among a couple of relievers that calms down each stress or tension all through our body. Laughter is one of the prescriptions that recuperates the problem mentioned above, however we appear not to truly observe it.

A huge number of comedians in Ghana are doing amazingly well including one refined man with a great deal to offer, OB Amponsah. Ghana’s comedy has been carried high by these group of humorists which includes Oscar Romanus, Jacinta, Lekzi de Comic, DKB, Clemento Suarez, OB Amponsah and several others.

Kweku Sintim Misa (KSM) who is the senior and experienced comedian has been of great support to all these comic stars. However, OB has demonstrated past all questions that, he is fit for getting it going when he is always invited to the stage any day. As difficult as it was for him when he began, he gradually became well known in the comic space.

OB Amponsah’s initial days was uncertain, as to whether his jokes would hit a nerve or rub people the incorrect way. It was exceptionally difficult particularly – where people will rather taunt you when you’re not able to break the ribs of the crowd.

People have attacked him for a portion of his hostile stand-up parody shows equipped towards government officials and all but he never gave up. Obviously, in some cases the award winning comedian was emotionally hurt particularly after he noticed he’s admirably done a good job.

The audience appeared not to recognize his exertion but he put them aside and came back firmly. At a point, he got death threats after a harmless joke he made about some government officials in Ghana.

One Of The Hardest Things To Do In The World Is Comedy- Romanus

Some people were stunned at this unforeseen development as they think satire is for the general public and made to ridicule everybody including the influential personalities. It is only for giggling and not for a real game. So why the threats?

In satire, they come in types (theater, TV, film, stand-up parody or some other diversion medium) but as to your style relies upon you- the entertainer. As a humorist with differing talents, OB Amponsah has been marvelous the past few years and can be said to be one of the outstanding comedians in Ghana. His conveyance in front of an audience and even through social media is excellent.

The crowd associate with him effectively as his choice of words are specific in his conveyance. OB’s comedies are no more chauvinistic, and centred on disability, racism, sexism, tribal and religious jokes as he denounces sexism and bigotry all in all.

Inspired by one of Ghana’s best satire acts, DKB, OB Amponsah has produced incredible and awesome shows both in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of Africa. He has done a few satire shows including “Political Refugee” where he won the hearts of many despite the fact that he got some backlash.

Comedy is about giggling and amusingness, therefore should offer humorists a reprieve to carry out their responsibility. However, the entertainers ought to also mitigate by editing a portion of their remarks.

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