Obaapa Christy Is All-Ready With A New Single

Reverend Obaapa Christy

Ghanaian gospel hotshot Obaa Christy is set to engage music fans with one more hit single “The Glory”.

The singer who is now a Reverend minister has throughout the long term, besieged music lovers with fantastic tunes like “Mete Ase”(I am alive), Hyebre Sesafo (Destiny Changer), “Wasoa Me”(He has taken off all my burden) and incalculable number of gestures of praises, worship and intercessory tunes.

The evergreen singer is almost done with the release of another wonderful single tune-“The Glory”.

As one of the best gospel entertainers, who has been very on the low for quite a while, Rev Obaapa Christy is returning unequivocally to resound with her fans. Her last hit single released in 2020 was “Hallelujah Hosanna”, which did well indeed.

“The Glory” – which is a praise and thanksgiving tune, was arranged by Obaa Christy and composed by her husband.


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The tune is praises for all Christians and adherents who wants to express gratitude toward God for seeing them through all this while during difficult times, especially during the Covid-19 hard times in 2020.

“The Glory” is set to be officially released on 12th October and would be released on all major digital platforms including her social media platforms.

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