“Obviously There Are Fake-Living Content Creators, But A ‘Downpour’ Live Genuine..”

Felicia Osei

Since the appearance of social media, lots of people including famous people or performers have used these platforms to their benefit, while others misuse it for fake lifestyles.

As a matter of fact, this ‘problem’ is out of control, especially on TikTok; where many people think celebs are the primary guilty group to this phony ways of life.

That said, Ghanaian TikTok star and radio presenter, Felicia Osei has immovably revealed that not all content creators carry on with fake and luxurious lives.

In a new digital broadcast interview, the radio presenter said, the fact that some influencers lived fake lives, did not mean everyone in the space falls in that category.

“Lots of big stars borrow cars. It doesn’t mean that the person is fake. The fact that some people are living fake lives doesn’t mean all of us are doing the same,” she indicated.

The mid-morning host on Onua FM (a local radio broadcast in Accra) gave an instance where creatives could be regarded as faking stuff.

According to her,

“There are some people who are doing things that they can’t afford. If you can’t afford what you are doing to yourself, that’s when you’re being fake. If you can’t afford the life you’re living, that’s being fake but if you can afford but you want to be you, you’re not being fake.”

She sees the platform they have as one that make people look up to them so she believes content creators and influencers have to live up to the standard.

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Felicia Osei, whose biggest breakthrough was through TikTok revealed that:

“The moment you portray yourself as an influencer or content creator, people look up to you no matter who you are. When you come out and have numbers, people look up to you automatically. People are expecting you to step out clean”

She continued that,

“The fact that you make people laugh doesn’t mean you’re supposed to step out with powder on your face or with your shoe tied around your neck. You are supposed to step out clean because you are not going to create content; you’re going to represent yourself in other places.”

Thus, she is of the view that only one out of every odd powerhouse and content creators is fake or carries on with a twofold life. Using herself as an example, she draws the curtains on the topic of discussion.

“It’s just like me. You might invite me to a program. You don’t expect me to come looking like how I’m seated right now because we’ll have cameramen and bloggers around,” she concluded.

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