Olympic Gold Medalist Suspended As A Result Of Doping Issues


Olympic gold medalist Brianna Rollins-McNeal has been temporarily suspended for a suspected doping rules infringement. The olympic style events doping organization announced this on Thursday January 14.

The 29 year old is the reigning 100-meter hurdles Olympic champion and 2013’s best in the world in the event.

The Monaco-based anti-doping organization, Athletics Integrity Unit accused her of “altering within the results management cycle. The suspension incidentally banishes Rollins-McNeal from contending in any competition.

Harking back, Rollins-McNeal was suspended by the U.S. Against Doping Agency and restricted from the 2017 big showdowns after she missed three medication tests the earlier year. Her first strike came four months before the 2016 Olympic Games, when she missed a test that April.

Thusly, the two other cases came a month after she won the gold award in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, where she drove the first sweep by American women in the event and the first by any country throughout the entire existence of the 100-meter hurdles.

Later on, she missed two tests, first while going for a procession in her honor in her Florida old neighborhood. On the other hand, when she went to a White House gathering for the Olympic team. Rollins-McNeal failed to update drug testers on her whereabouts on the two events, her second and third offenses in a year time span.

The American Arbitration Association, which decided on that case, communicated compassion toward Rollins-McNeal at that point, given the conditions encompassing two of her three missed tests. Notwithstanding, she expressed regret in 2017 and wrote:

“It is with my deepest regrets that I have to miss the 2017 outdoor season. I accept full responsibility for the mistakes that led to my suspension, and I am disappointed that I will have to miss this coming outdoor season, as a result of my confusion over how the whereabouts system worked,” she said. “I have always been a supporter of USADA and their fight to keep our sport clean, and I will continue to do my part to prove that success can be achieved without shortcuts. This is a very unpleasant experience, but I am able to see where errors were made.”

Rollins-McNeal was disqualified after a false beginning in the rounds at the 2019 world championship in Qatar. Her time of 12.26 is tied for the fourth fastest in women’s 100-meter hurdle history.

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