Olympics: Organizers Are Warning All Athletes Before Games Start

Tokyo Olympic organizers intends to hand out about 150,000 condoms at next month’s Olympics. However, organizers are urging athletes to take them home instead of using them at the Olympics, where social distancing rules and coronavirus measures are a highest-importance.

According to the International Olympic Committee, many condoms were dispended during the 1988 Seoul Olympics to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.

In addition, the organizers emphasized that the athletes should keep their distance from each other to avoid excessive mingling.

As mentioned earlier, the distribution of condoms is not intended to be used in athlete villages, but rather to encourage athletes to return them to their home countries to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.


This Is Why The Olympic Games Will Still Come Off

Officials have warned overseas viewers and asked event attendees to show their support by clapping instead of cheering or singing to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

There are plans to feed the villagers in the large dining room – the largest with a capacity of 4,500 people at a time, but the decision was changed. Organizers will ask athletes to eat alone, maintain social distance from others, and wipe surfaces after eating.

In fact, careful efforts are being made to ensure an outbreak does not occur during entertainment events in the island nation.

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