Omicron: These Are Countries Reporting Cases Of The New Covid-19 Variant

Since the appearance of the new Omicron Covid-19, the world is observing its development and are hustling to identify how many cases of the variant they have, as fears over the new strain force governments to shutter borders and revisit restrictions.

The new change, which is conceivably more contagious, was first found in South Africa and has since been identified in several nations.

Meanwhile, this is the list of the spots reporting cases up until now.

Australia: 2 cases

Austria: 1 case

Belgium: 1 case

Botswana: 19 cases

Canada: 3 cases

Czech Republic: 1 case

Denmark: 2 cases

Germany: 3 cases

Hong Kong: 3 cases

Israel: 1 case

Italy: 1 case

Netherlands: 13 cases

Portugal: 13 cases

South Africa: 77 cases

Spain: 1 case

United Kingdom: 9 cases

More updates will follow soon.

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