On The Way To Ecoute Lodge For A Pleasurable Experience

Ecoute Lodge is all here for guests who want to while away hours of stress in Accra-Ghana. That said, when you take a trip to Ecoute Lodge, you wouldn’t regret it. Visiting Ecoute Lodge Ghana is worth all the time, particularly when this spot has all that will fill your heart with joy.

Situated in the core of Accra-Ghana, Ecoute Lodge is particularly planned and built to give you a quality time away from the hustle and excited workaday life. To discover Ghana by leaving on another experience of a peaceful climate is to dwell in a position of sufficiency – and that is Ecoute!

This spot is essentially for everybody including families and children. With the best of property conveniences, free parking, luxurious breakfast, a bar/lounge, a cool on-site restaurant, and a parlor, you’re guaranteed of a nice stick around.


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For the children, you will appreciate several activities that will keep you occupied while your parents also have some good times around the spot.

So this is what I saw on my landing in Ecoute Lodge. There is a van transport service, a Business Center with an uninterrupted Internet Access, room features, better room services with various kinds including excellent suites. To crown everything, there is an air transportation accessible for visitors.

Additionally, Ecoute Lodge is extensive and comfortable enough to oblige enormous numbers. It also has every one of the important conveniences that one could exploit. The region is tranquil with easy admittance to transportation.

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