One Of The Most Important Criminal Justice Reform Bills In Recent History

Lawmakers in Washington, U.S has passed a legislation on Friday April 1, that would legalize cannabis in the country. The passage will eliminate criminal punishments for any individual who manufacture, distributes or has the substance.

Lawmakers approved the measure in a 220-204 vote.

The regulation, named the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MOREA), was passed in the House last year, however didn’t push ahead in the Senate.

Apart from decriminalizing weed at the government level, the bill would lay out techniques for erasing past convictions from people’s records and impose a tax on the sale of cannabis products.

The tax would start at 5% and at last increase to 8%. Funding raised through the tax would go toward a fund to provide job training, mentoring, substance-use treatment, legal aid, re-entry services and youth recreation programs.

It would also give loans to help private ventures in the weed business that are owned and constrained by socially and economically burdened people, according to the bill.

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The house says, this milestone regulation is is one of the most important criminal justice reform bills in recent history. It would also convey equity for those hurt by the merciless, uncalled for outcomes of criminalization, open doors for people to partake in the business and decriminalize pot at the government level.

37 states and Washington, D.C. have instituted regulations legitimizing medical marijuana, with 18 states and D.C. sanctioning weed for sporting purposes, as indicated by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Meanwhile, California was the first state to legitimize medical weed in 1996.

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