Oprah Winfrey Fell And Here’s What Happened

Oprah Winfrey delivering her address at the ‘Oprah Vision 2020’ event

It was a shocking scene yet few weeks ago, humanitarian, on-screen character, TV host and billionaire Oprah Winfrey experienced one of the humiliating snapshots of her life when she fell during her ‘ Oprah 2020 Vision’ wellbeing visit in Los Angeles.

She tumbled before a large number of people and it was a tragic scene. Unexpectedly, Oprah was conveying a message about “balance.” And exactly when she was amidst the message, she lost her parity and stumbled over her shoes.

Everybody present was stunned at how the Queen of television shows could go down that way. A stage assistant quickly surged over to enable the billionaire to back up as the stunned group hailed. Winfrey chose to remove her shoes and proceeded with her message shoeless before in the long run slipping into progressively agreeable footwear.

“Wrong shoes!” Oprah said after the fall in a video shared online.

At that point, social media got buzzing as a number of people began sharing their perspectives on the “fall” with some taunting her. Rapper 50 Cent was among the people who had issues with the media mogul. He took to Instagram to ridicule Oprah, and made a reference to her past meeting with Michael Jackson’s male informers from the documentary, “Leaving Neverland.”

“What the [f**k] happen here,” said 50 Cent, whose real is Curtis Jackson. “michael jackson’s ghost trip her.”

After all what occurred, Oprah tended to the viral fall in a tweet.

“LA: You were lit! In spite of my fall (which now becomes a meme), you brought me UP with your energy,” she wrote. “Now I’m headed home to ice my knee.”

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