Outstanding Ghanaian Movie Nominated In 4 Global Film Festivals

Philmtools Media Limited, a Ghanaian production house, has announce that their new film, “Otokunor,” has been accepted into four prestigious international film festivals.

Starring eminent Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi, this dazzling short film, which was made with a spending plan of $10,000.00, has been selected for the 2023 Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, the Orlando Urban Film Festival, the Kano International Film Festival, and the Blackstar International Film Festival.

“Otokunor,” which was shot in James Town, Accra, in the heart of a traditional Ga fishing community, tells the compelling story of a young boy who is faced with a dilemma: whether to forsake his fishing obligations in quest for education.

Fred Amugi played the role of a dad, who resolutely goes against his child’s craving to exchange the shores for the classroom.

With its enchanting plotlines, the film offers a poignant reflection of the trials faced by an average African child striving to succeed in life.

Every year, the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINF) brings attention from around the world to outstanding films from the Nigerian and African film industries.

In a similar vein, the Orlando Urban Film Festival showcases diverse stories and points of view in urban-themed films.

The Kano International Film Festival celebrates the specialty of filmmaking, while the Blackstar Global Film Celebration promotes African and African diaspora film, encouraging social trade and appreciation.

The selection of ‘Otokunor’ for these prestigious film festivals is a testament to its artistic merit and storytelling prowess, further solidifying its place among the international film community.

The success of the movie shows that the Ghanaian film industry has a lot of talent and creative potential.

The Orlando Metropolitan Film Festival (OUFF), is additionally Florida’s sole African-American film celebration. The OUFF Team is made up of business executives with more than 20 years of experience and education who assist in exposing talents to a large audience.

The Kano International Film Festival first held from 28th to 30th September 2022 in Kano, the iconic epicentre of Northern Nigeria’s Kannywood film industry is organised by Classical Film Modern Academy.

The Black Star International Film Festival is non-profit festival in Ghana celebrated annually to bridge the gap between African movie cinema and the global community of movie makers.

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Produced by actor Daniel Kofi Ewusi, the thirty-minutes film, ‘Otokunor’, was written by Kwame Kyei Baffour and directed by Director Hafiz.

Kofi Ewusi is commonly known for producing the awards winning James Town Angler TV series which includes the late Hymn Adjeteyfio (TT).

Situated in East London, Kofi has revealed that he has right now reserved studio meetings with a top sound engineer in London to work on the sound quality of the short film before it is officially released.

He also addressed how challenging it was producing a film in a Ghanaian language for the global film market.

As indicated by Kofi Ewusi, he faced provoking circumstances with access and permit to shoot the film, but with support from the Accra Metropolitan Authority, the James Town traditional council and opinion leaders, he came out successful.

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