Over 30 Years And Still Counting – Woodin Still Producing Quality And Beautiful Fabrics Like Chic De Woodin

Woodin is a truly fashion African brand propelled by African culture and art. The brand has for quite a while enveloped the African soul and pride, that also vibrates social variety of music, textures, colors and inspiring people. Since its inception, Woodin has zeroed in on all that unite Africa.

The dress line has a wide assortment of articles, generally made of textures, to preserve modesty, or for fashion. Woodin has launched another dazzling and in vogue texture called Chic de Woodin with a wonderful ethnic print collection, that revisits to the Bogolan idea that makes a cutting edge feel to compete with world trends.

The blend of inventive realistic prints with little Bogolan designs arrive in an amicable mix of hearty and energetic colours enlivened by African legacy and tradition.

Chic de Woodin which is ideal for people who invest wholeheartedly in their African roots while following global trends, is bundled 6 yards a piece with eight (8) restrictive designs.

Chic de Woodin is one of the standard delightful texture collections that Woodin® outdoors regularly as per the general inclination of their customers in Ghana, Africa and around the globe. Top characters over all industries have endorsed the quality of Woodin’s® stuff, and have even been wearing them in style.

Woodin is the first African brand offering a contemporary and completely African design range for style adroit people. Their limited edition fabrics, ready to-wear outfits and trendy frill are continually growing to characterize a new African design identity.

The outfit conveys steady design motivation to shoppers all around the world. The organization’s retail locations, are spread in more than 8 African countries, and offer considerably more than just shopping.

Obviously, their stores are a social center, which overflow unconstrained fashion style. Having been in the style design industry for over 30 years, Woodin’s skill and art has empowered them to assume this critical part in characterizing African design today.

Officially, Woodin is a brand under the registered company name: Premium African Textiles Limited, and is a member of the Vlisco Group which has 4 material and style brands in the mid to top of the line African market: Vlisco, Woodin, GTP and Uniwax. The unique designs of each brand makes the Vlisco Group, with its 170 years legacy, one of the most vivid and fascinating brands in the world.

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